Charity: Stichting Wakker Dier

Sander Bokkinga (1971)
Charity: Stichting Wakker Dier

My Little Dearhuntertje
Lighting fires and building huts. That was his childhood in the countryside. In the city of Rotterdam, Sander Bokkinga discovered his passion. Under the name bok. he works on projects concerning art, design, and architecture. In the stories his pieces tell, he plays with opposites, such as urban and rural, industrial and nature, and control and freedom. ‘My Little Dearhuntertje’ offers an unexpected view of the ordinary. His favoured themes can be found in the sculpture in which the original, wooden highchair plays a role. If one were to ask bok., animal welfare should be taught at mother’s knee. Therefore Wakker Dier fits him like a glove.

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