Chairs for charity (149-162)

The Venduehuis der Notarissen approached fourteen Dutch designers with the question to design a chair for charity. The designers were allowed to choose a chair that had been previously offered for auction at the auction house, located in The Hague. The task we gave to Ed Annink, Ted Noten, Jan des Bouvrie, and Ineke Hans – amongst others – was clear: get creative!

Ed Annink (1956) and Christie van der Haak (1950)
Sander Bokkinga (1971)
Jan des Bouvrie (1942)
Kiki van Eijk (1978)
Ineke Hans (1966)
Richard Hutten (1967)
Dirk van der Kooij (1983)
Alexander Pelikan (1974)
Rutger de Regt (1979) Marlies van Putten
Charity: Duchenne Parent Project
Tiddo de Ruiter (1971)
Onno Schelling (1964)

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